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You’ve seen enough youtube.

it’s time to fly.

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What we do


Paramotor Training

You’ve watched every Youtube video possible. Its time to make the step towards professional training. As a full-time paramotor training school here in Tennessee, we offer an 8 day paramotor training Boot Camp or a flexible option to work around your work schedule.

freedom paramotors nashville Parajet maverick

Equipment + Gear

One of the most difficult parts of getting into this sport is knowing what to buy, what is the correct machine for you, and are you going to outgrow something too quickly. We’ve tried many different types of paramotors, paragliders, and accessories and have a few thoughts.

Paramotor training nashville Tennessee


Our mission is to equip new pilots with the best knowledge possible, staying up to date with new techniques, skills, technologies, and just overall thoughts. There is so much information on the internet, and it is our hope that this will be rich in your journey of flying paramotors. Check out to learn more!

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